What am I doing?

I’m driving. I’m driving a lot and really far away from where I lived in NYC. Well, I’m not doing all the driving myself, my boyfriend Keith is doing it with me.

WE are driving from Manhattan to the Limón Province of Costa Rica.

We packed up our Crosstrek and left the city on Friday, January 29th right after I finished up my last day of work. We drove to Philly and stayed with my sister for a night, dropped off our belongings in a storage facility and made our way across the country. Five days later we were crossing the US-Mexico border at the Colombia Crossing.

Currently, we’re in Mexico and driving south, east and west until we get to Costa Rica. We’re going to Costa Rica to participate in a Permaculture design course at Finca Tierra on March 14th (fingers crossed the Costa Rica land border opens up). I’m hoping to one day start my own farm 🙂

We decided to drive and take the scenic route because we want to explore as much of Central America as we can. With COVID going on we also felt it was a much safer option for ourselves and others. We want to travel, but we want to do it responsibly.

While we’re on the road we’ll be camping, staying in airbnbs and hotels when it’s necessary. We’re choosing to camp and stay in airbnbs so that we can properly distance. It allows us to cook our own food and keep to ourselves. We rarely eat out on the road and when we do its outdoors and distanced! In no way do I want to be seen as that asshole American who runs off to another country to go on about their lives as they please while putting communities in danger. That’s not what I’m about. /endrant

We will be getting COVID tests whenever they’re accessible. We’ll also need them for multiple border crossings.

Overall, we’re doing this for the adventure! We live for these thrills. It’s exciiitinggg to not know what the next day will bring or where we’ll be/what we’ll see. Living on the road is fun and if we can do it safely AND outside of the U.S. for some time, I’m down.

We plan on being out of the U.S. until at least Summer/Fall 2021 and then we’ll be driving up the Pacific Coast and across the country back to the Northeast.

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