El Salvador to Guatemala at Las Chinamas

Below are my notes from when we exited El Salvador and entered Guatemala at Las Chinamas crossing. We also extended our Guatemala TIP (Temporary Import Permit)

Pull up. There’s a COVID checkpoint. Check your passports. Park. 

Go to aduana to close your tip. Aduana official in white polo signs it. Then walk over to blue and white building on your right and go to the aduana office. 

An officer will ask for your passport and a copy. You wait and then they call you in. Might ask to hold onto your documents.

Give you back your closed tip. 

Walk down the corridor and go to immigrations. They’ll give you a little white piece of paper to exit El Salvador. They’ll also ask for your COVID pcr/antigen tests for entry to Guatemala. They give the test back or ask if you’re vaccinated. 

Walk back to your car and drive over bridge into Guatemala. 

Pull over. First stop is COVID checkpoint. They’ll keep a copy and give you the other copy back with a stamp and a signature. Take your temperature and then you drive through the center of the dark blue and white building. You’ll see signs for aduana, immigrations etc. 

Go to immigrations. Bring COVID tests. They’ll stamp you in for however many days are left on your ca4 visa. 

Go to aduana. They’ll ask for your title, license, passport and tip to extend it. Copies of your license. Waited 20 minutes and they extended our tip. Put a stamp on the back of the original tip with the new expiration date and drive into Guatemala!

Didn’t charge us to extend the tip.

Welcome to Guatemala!