Guatemala to Mexico at El Ceibo

Below are my note from when we exited Guatemala and entered Mexico at El Ceibo

Got to the border at 1 pm

Drive through long fields of green farmland

Drive up & park

Go to aduana

Close out tip (temporary import permit). Took 2 minutes. 

Go to immigrations building behind aduana trailer. Get stamped out. 2 minutes. 

Get back in car. Go to fumigaron. Costs 90 pesos. 

Covid checkpoint. 

They don’t require a test but they ask… 

Have you had COVID?

Are you feeling any symptoms?

Have you gotten a test done within the last three days?

Have you been vaccinated? 

Where you’ve been?

Where you’re going?

Then they take a blood sample for antibodies. A finger prick. Then have you wait 5-10 minutes for the results before you can continue to immigration. They only had me do this, they didn’t have Keith do it. We crossed June 2021, things might be different now. Make sure to check an official government site for up to date information. 

Immigration is the door next to the Covid checkpoint. Fill out INM slip then give to the immigrations officer. They stamp you in and give you a visa. 

Then get back in your car. If you don’t have a tip stop at aduana. It will be on your right. If you do just drive through. You’ll hit a checkpoint where you get a green or red light to get your car searched and then you drive into Tabasco!

Total time at both borders took 1 hour. 

Hit a police checkpoint five minutes after crossing. Just asked us to put the windows down. 

Welcome to Mexico!