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El Charco del Ingenio – Jardin Botanico – San Miguel De Allende

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Overland Beach Camping in Oaxaca!

We left Mazunte around 4:30 PM and were soooo excited to check out Don Taco’s Overlander Beach Camp.  We had read amazing reviews about it on iOverlander and their Facebook page. We also brought all our camping gear with us, so we were antsy to finally use it after three weeks on the road! The…

The Beaches of Oaxaca

The day had finalllyyy come to head to the beach! We woke up soo excited. While we love the mountains and the landscapes we had been exploring there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a cool ocean breeze. Especially after being on the road for almost three weeks and escaping the harsh winter in NYC….

San Jose Del Pacifico & The Best Vegan Yoga Retreat

Up until this point we had only visited cities, so we were reaalllyy excited to make our way to San Jose Del Pacifico, a town in the mountains of Oaxaca State known for its magic mushrooms. San Jose Del Pacifico is located halfway between Oaxaca City and the popular beaches on the coast such as…

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