Honduras to El Salvador at La Hachadura

Below are my notes from when we exited Honduras and entered El Salvador at La Hachadura crossing. 

Come up to a checkpoint. Show COVID tests, passport and car tip (temporary import permit)

Drive straight, pull up to blue and white Amatillo building 

Go to windows marked “salida” have passport stamped out and they ask for your COVID tests. They didn’t keep our COVID tests.  

Then walk down to aduana window and they close tip. Stamp passport out. They stamp inside your passport to show it’s been closed. 

Drive to bridge. They make sure your car was stamped out. Drive over bridge into El Salvador. 

Takes 20 minutes to exit Honduras. 

Get to El Salvador immigrations and park. Go to first windows on left. Get stamped into el Salvador. Ask where you’re staying. Then go to aduana window to either open or reinstate your tip. 

If reinstating get back in your car and drive straight for six kilometers. Pass the first bridge and before you get to the second covering make a left. Drive about 300 m and directly ahead on your left will be a little blue aduana building. Go to window 5 and reinstate your tip. Takes 2 minutes. 

Get back in your car. Drive back towards the bridge. Final checkpoint before you enter El Salvador. They’ll ask for your tip and check the vin number on your car before they sign and stamp your tip. No fees. 

Welcome to El Salvador.