Planning for this trip, hmmm…

Planning for this trip has mostly involved prepping for it.

Prepping required downsizing our belongings, leaving my job, buying a car, moving out of our home, moving our possessions into storage, acquiring gear, researching and joining helpful Facebook groups, reading books like “Don’t Go There. It’s Not Safe. You’ll Die.“, quarantining, getting COVID tests, mapping out routes, packing, saving money, getting my drivers license (growing up in NYC problems) and countless other things. The hardest was probably saying goodbye to our families for an indefinite amount of time, in the middle of a pandemic. That’s always fun, right?

It sounds overwhelming and it was, but we had a few months to plan which made things easier and while the anticipation of the trip gave both Keith and I tons of anxiety it has all been worth it so far.

Sometimes you just have to get up and go live your life even if it feels crazy. #Sadatay.

Now that we’re on the road we don’t plan more than a few days in advance. It keeps things exciting and with COVID looming, you never really know what could happen. It also gives us the flexibility to stay in places longer or shorter depending on how we’re feeling.

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