Mexico to USA at Piedras Negras/Eagle Pass

Below are my notes from when we exited Mexico and entered the United States. We also closed our tip at the Banjercito in Allende. We are both U.S. Citizens so the process to enter the U.S. was fairly simple for us.

Drive up to Allende where the Banjercito is located. If you have GPS you can look it up on a map, but the Banjercito building where you close your TIP will be on your left as you are driving north towards the Piedras Negras/Eagle Pass border.

You’ll come to a military checkpoint that waves you through on your left hand side you’ll see INM buildings and a little White House with a green roof with a little drive thru. Bring your tip and the card you used to open the tip. They didn’t ask us for the card, but we’ve heard of others being asked for the card they took the TIP out with.

They ask you to open the door to take a picture of the vin number and then take picture of the registration on your window 

Then they take a picture of your car. 

And open passenger door to take picture as well. 

They stamp your tip. Give it back to you with a receipt saying you closed it. Money will appear back in your account in 4-5 days. 

Took 14 minutes. Get back on the road and drive to Piedras Negras about a 50 minute drive. 

We got here at 5 PM and the international bridge closes at 3 PM.

So, we went to puente internacional camino real. You wait in line to pay toll $1.85 or 33 pesos.

On the bridge there’s a little station/checkpoint. They just make sure you have passports in hand 

Keep going on bridge. You’ll get to the car search. All the way to the right is the lane if you don’t have a passport card and only a passport. We only have passports so we went to that lane.

Search your car and ask for your passports. 

Welcome to USA

20 minutes later on 57N we hit a border control checkpoint. Asked if we were American citizens and for our passports.