Nicaragua to Honduras at El Amatillo

Below are my notes from when we exited Nicaragua and entered Honduras going north at El Amatillo crossing.

Pass trucks 

Go up to little blue building checkpoint

Check your passport, car tip (temporary import permit) ask if you have copies. Sign your tip


Go to immigration

They’ll ask for your passport $3usd/person

Copies of Covid tests and passports 

Where you’re traveling 


Car title and registration color brand and license plate of vehicle 

Stamps passport out gives you receipt

Head to aduana with declarations form

Look for official in bright blue DGA Polo

He has to search vehicle and sign off on tip

He asked to put our bags in the scanner. Then signed aduana declaration form. 

Then find police officer to search your car. Might send you to the scanner/X-ray for your vehicle. Asks for your license and copy of your title and license and the declaration aduana form 

Officer sent us to the X-ray scanner for trucks. Gave my license and copies to the man in charge there he was wearing all black. Make you drive over sidewalks to get over to the truck area/X-ray machine. Go through X-ray. Leave car on with emergency break. After you pull up on to the dirt sidewalk go over to covering where trucks are searched and wait for results. Once results come out they give you back your license and ask you to go make a copy of the declaration form and bring back to them. You have to exit the border crossing area to make the copy. You can walk over. 

Then come back and bring the copy to the truck check X-ray area and go back to blue and white aduana building. Go up to the window and finish closing your tip. 

Get back in your car and exit nicaragua. Get to a final checkpoint. They ask for your declaration form, proof of exit payment you got at immigrations and passport. 

Total to exit nicaragua took 3.5 hours

You exit nicaragua. Drive straight into Honduras. They ask for Covid tests  and passports. Then you keep driving straight. Pull over at blue and white immigrations building. First window on the back left wall when you walk in is Covid checkpoint. They ask for your original Covid test and copy of results. Take your temperature. Ask your age and give you a little white slip of paper to bring to immigration window. Immigration window will be right in front of you from when you entered the building. Pay 80 (3/3.50 USD$) lempiras each to enter. Have right hand four fingers scanned. 

Go over to the Aduana side. Windows opposite immigration windows. Have title, passport, drivers license and copies to leave with them ready. Also $35 to pay for tip. Took 5 minutes. Then go across the road to make copies. Little white building and make a copy of the aduana import stamp in your passport. Bring back to aduana window and leave copy with them and you are all set. 

Get back in your car. Drive straight and show passport, tip and welcome to Honduras. 

Total time to enter honduras 25 min.