36 Hours In San Luis Potosi

Beep Beep!

Next stop in Mexico was San Luis Potosi. The city is located in Central Mexico and is a former mining hotspot that sits at 1,864 meters/6,115 ft. The drive from Saltillo to San Luis Potosi was about 4.5 hours. We left around 10 AM and made it there by 3 PM. We stopped to fill up the tank before leaving Saltillo.

In Mexico gas is measured in liters. It costs between 18 pesos and 22 pesos throughout the country. People don’t realize this but in the U.S. our gas is extremely cheap compared to most other countries. I’m guessing it’s because other countries don’t start wars over it. The peso to dollar exchange rate is roughly 20 pesos to 1 dollar currently. This means that gas costs $1/liter. There are 3.785 liters in a gallon. Meaning that gas costs about $3.785/gallon. In Astoria where we lived it cost us around $2.29/gallon when we left.

Anyway, enough about gaasss. 

San Luis Potosi is beautiful! The weather was hot in the day and cool in the evening. The streets were quiet and calm and had every amenity you could possibly need. They were however in strict COVID lockdown when we were there, so people had to be indoors and all businesses shut by 6 PM. We didn’t mind though. We had food and made ourselves some vegan queso, crudite and some quinoa with veggies. We also picked up some Topo Chico at the Oxxo down the street from our Airbnb. Oxxo is Mexico’s equivalent to 711.

The next morning we drove to the center of town, parked and walked around to take in all the intricate Baroque architecture. All the museums were closed, but walking around the center felt like being in a museum all on its own. We did however go to a church. Neither one of us is religious, but it was the only thing that was open and we were intrigued to check it out.

Even though we’re not religious we can both appreciate the artistic talent and intricate detail that must have gone into creating these stunning buildings. So we participated in Sunday mass, made a donation, lit some candles for loved ones who have passed wherever they may be, said our own versions of a little prayer and went back to our Airbnb to watch the Super Bowl. 

Before going back to watch the Super Bowl, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few things. We bought two pairs of flip-flops (showers can be questionable when you’re traveling so we got some shower shoes), a six pack of Pacifico, a four pack of Topo Chico, chips, peanuts, a papaya, some avocados, ice packs and two bottles of rubbing alcohol for $19. GroOOovy!

The Airbnb was nice, not anything crazy, but had a cute little courtyard that all the apartments looked out onto. It was $35/night. We stayed there on a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was pretty lively and people were up all night. It was a pretty uneventful stay other than the entire apartment complex having to listen to the wails of a couple having sex all night. Sound travels and so do we. Next stop San Miguel De Allende.

Miles Driven: 2,382

Days on the road: 11


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